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OEM Parts: Ensuring Quality & Reliability in Collision Repair


When faced with an automobile accident, one of the critical steps towards getting your vehicle back on the road involves a meticulous repair process. At Automed Collision, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality and most trustworthy collision repair services for over 35 years. Throughout this time, we have remained committed to using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts as a critical component of our repair services.

The distinction between OEM parts and their aftermarket counterparts lies in the origin of their production. OEM parts are manufactured by the same company that produced the components installed during the vehicle’s assembly, ensuring their adherence to strict quality and safety standards. Conversely, aftermarket parts – usually more accessible and less expensive – are produced by different manufacturers, who may not prioritize quality and functional compatibility. Knowing that your vehicle is repaired with OEM parts can provide much-needed peace of mind to vehicle owners entrusting their precious investment to a repair shop.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of OEM parts in collision repairs, their benefits over alternative options, and how incorporating them ultimately contributes to your vehicle’s safety, performance, and resale value.

Ensuring Compatibility and Proper Fit

One of the most significant benefits of using OEM parts in collision repairs is their compatibility and perfect fit with your vehicle. OEM parts are designed to meet the manufacturer’s precise specifications, ensuring seamless integration with your car. These parts are crafted with precision and consistency, ultimately reducing the risk of additional repairs, callbacks, or dissatisfaction among customers.

Conversely, aftermarket parts can vary significantly in quality and manufacturing standards, leading to potential fitment issues, forcing technicians to modify them or use makeshift solutions. When you choose Automed Collision for your repair service, you can be confident that our use of OEM parts ensures your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards, eliminating the concern of potential compatibility issues.

Preserving Vehicle Safety

Your vehicle’s safety features are paramount and should be among your top considerations when selecting a collision repair shop. Opting for OEM parts during the repair process directly affects the proper functioning and reliability of safety systems, such as airbags, crumple zones, and structural integrity. OEM components are manufactured to meet strict safety standards set forth by organizations such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Aftermarket parts, though generally more affordable, may not align with these safety guidelines, potentially leaving your vehicle’s occupants at greater risk in the event of future accidents. With Automed Collision’s commitment to using OEM parts, you can trust that the safety features of your car are safeguarded without compromising on quality or performance.

Maintaining Resale Value and Manufacturer Warranty

Another crucial advantage of using OEM components is their ability to preserve your vehicle’s resale value and, in many cases, uphold its manufacturer’s warranty. Dealerships and prospective buyers tend to place greater significance on vehicles repaired using OEM parts, as they most closely resemble the original quality and build of the vehicle prior to any accidents.

Equally important is the impact that OEM parts can have on your vehicle’s warranty. Many manufacturers outline in their warranties that only OEM parts should be used in repairs and replacements, otherwise voiding the warranty. At Automed Collision, we understand that maintaining the value and warranty of your vehicle is essential, and our use of OEM parts in our repair services ensures that these factors remain intact.

Longevity and Reliability

OEM parts have a well-earned reputation for durability and longevity, providing peace of mind for vehicle owners who expect their investment to stand the test of time. Since OEM components are produced by the same manufacturer responsible for the original parts in your car, the materials and manufacturing process align with the company’s strict quality control guidelines.

In contrast, aftermarket parts are not strictly regulated in terms of quality or durability, and their production often seeks to maximize profitability at the expense of superior craftsmanship. By choosing Automed Collision and our dedication to OEM parts, you are making a choice for long-lasting and reliable repairs.


The importance of using OEM parts in collision repair services cannot be overstated. From preserving your vehicle’s safety features and resale value to ensuring compatibility, longevity, and adherence to the manufacturer’s warranty, investing in OEM parts is a sound decision.

As a family-owned business with a reputation for excellence and a commitment to using OEM parts, Automed Collision’s collision repair services are a testament to our dedication to providing the highest quality experience for our customers. With over 35 years serving Los Angeles, our Bosch and ASE Certified professionals continue to build trust and reliability in every repair we undertake.

By understanding the advantages of using OEM parts in collision repairs, you are better equipped to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s care and maintenance. Always prioritize your car’s safety, performance, and value by selecting a collision repair shop, such as Automed Collision, that consistently focuses on OEM parts. Contact us today for all your collision repair needs and experience the difference that genuine parts and unmatched expertise can make.


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